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Script for Phone Message
Representative ___________ I am ___________ and my number is _____________.



I am calling you in regards to the 2020 election and the January 6th joint session of Congress. The American people know the election was stolen and we are asking you to do your constitutional duty and object to the electors in the contested states. If you stand up and be a patriot we the people will have your back. Please don't let us down. Thank you!

Priority Sample Letter Now

This is disgusting. President Trump is in no way responsible for inciting the break-in to the Capital that took place on January 6. This was a giant set up and the American people know it. ANTIFA Thugs posing as Trump supporters infiltrated the crowd and were already breaking into the Capital 15 minutes before Trump finished his speech. Additionally, there is plenty of video evidence showing they were helped by the Capital Police who also opened up doors and gates and waved in the Trump supporters to make sure they were caught up in the break-in. President Trump told his supporters to be Peaceful and cheer on Republicans.

This is nothing more than a hit job and now the Republican Party sees an opportunity to rid the party of Trump and his supporters.

There are 74 Million supporters of the President that are angry and engaged and we have a long memory. We are going to make sure the states fix the fraudulent voting system and we are certainly going to see to it that those in Congress who didn’t stand up for our President will be removed from office. Vote in favor of impeachment at your own peril.

If you keep doing wrong things, this will be your last term in Congress.


We have 3 kinds of representatives, who

1. Supported the Texas lawsuit here
2. Sit on their ass and did nothing here
3. Congratulated loser Biden here

Federal House Representatives Supported TX Lawsuit (Sample Letter)
Name State District Phone Email Contact Form Website Twitter Facebook
Robert B. Aderholt AL 4 202-225-4876 Robert_Aderholt RobertAderholt
Mo Brooks AL 5 202-225-4801 RepMoBrooks RepMoBrooks
Mike Rogers AL 3 202-225-3261 RepMikeRogersAL CongressmanMikeDRogers
Bradley Byrne AL 1 202-225-4931 RepByrne RepByrne
Gary J. Palmer AL 6 202-225-4921 USRepGaryPalmer CongressmanGaryPalmer
Eric A. "Rick" Crawford AR 1 202-225-4076 RepRickCrawford RepRickCrawford
Bruce Westerman AR 4 202-225-3772 RepWesterman RepWesterman
Andy Biggs AZ 5 202-225-2635 RepAndyBiggsAZ RepAndyBiggs
Debbie Lesko AZ 8 202-225-4576 RepDLesko RepDebbieLesko
Ken Calvert CA 42 202-225-1986 KenCalvert 70063393423
Kevin McCarthy CA 23 202-225-2915 GOPLeader CongressmanKevinMcCarthy
Tom McClintock CA 4 202-225-2511 RepMcClintock 81125319109
Doug LaMalfa CA 1 202-225-3076 RepLaMalfa RepLaMalfa
Doug Lamborn CO 5 202-225-4422 RepDLamborn CongressmanDougLamborn
Ken Buck CO 4 202-225-4676 RepKenBuck repkenbuck
Gus M. Bilirakis FL 12 202-225-5755 RepGusBilirakis GusBilirakis
Mario Diaz-Balart FL 25 202-225-4211 MarioDB mdiazbalart
Bill Posey FL 8 202-225-3671 CongBillPosey bill.posey15
Daniel Webster FL 11 202-225-1002 RepWebster RepWebster
Ted S. Yoho FL 3 202-225-5744 RepTedYoho CongressmanTedYoho
Matt Gaetz FL 1 202-225-4136 RepMattGaetz CongressmanMattGaetz
Neal P. Dunn FL 2 202-225-5235 drnealdunnfl2 drnealdunnfl2
John H. Rutherford FL 4 202-225-2501 RepRutherfordFL RepRutherfordFL
Michael Waltz FL 6 202-225-2706 RepMichaelWaltz
Ross Spano FL 15 202-225-1252 RepRossSpano
W. Gregory Steube FL 17 202-225-5792 RepGregSteube
Austin Scott GA 8 202-225-6531 AustinScottGA08 RepAustinScott
Doug Collins GA 9 202-225-9893 RepDougCollins RepresentativeDougCollins
Earl L. "Buddy" Carter GA 1 202-225-5831 RepBuddyCarter congressmanbuddycarter
Jody B. Hice GA 10 202-225-4101 congressmanhice CongressmanJodyHice
Barry Loudermilk GA 11 202-225-2931 RepLoudermilk reploudermilk
Rick W. Allen GA 12 202-225-2823 reprickallen CongressmanRickAllen
A. Drew Ferguson IV GA 3 202-225-5901 RepDrewFerguson RepDrewFerguson
Steve King IA 4 202-225-4426 SteveKingIA stevekingia
Michael K. Simpson ID 2 202-225-5531 CongMikeSimpson 96774466
Russ Fulcher ID 1 202-225-6611 RepRussFulcher
Mike Bost IL 12 202-225-5661 RepBost RepBost
Darin LaHood IL 18 202-225-6201 RepLaHood replahood
Jackie Walorski IN 2 202-225-3915 RepWalorski RepJackieWalorski
Jim Banks IN 3 202-225-4436 RepJimBanks RepJimBanks
Trey Hollingsworth IN 9 202-225-5315 reptrey reptrey
James R. Baird IN 4 202-225-5037 RepJimBaird
Greg Pence IN 6 202-225-3021 RepGregPence
Roger W. Marshall KS 1 202-225-2715 RepMarshall rogermarshallmd
Ron Estes KS 4 202-225-6216 RepRonEstes RepRonEstes
Steve Scalise LA 1 202-225-3015 SteveScalise RepSteveScalise
Ralph Lee Abraham LA 5 202-225-8490 RepAbraham CongressmanRalphAbraham
Clay Higgins LA 3 202-225-2031 RepClayHiggins CongressmanClayHiggins
Mike Johnson LA 4 202-225-2777 RepMikeJohnson RepMikeJohnson
Andy Harris MD 1 202-225-5311 RepAndyHarrisMD AndyHarrisMD
Bill Huizenga MI 2 202-225-4401 RepHuizenga RepHuizenga
Tim Walberg MI 7 202-225-6276 RepWalberg RepWalberg
John R. Moolenaar MI 4 202-225-3561 RepMoolenaar RepMoolenaar
Jack Bergman MI 1 202-225-4735 RepJackBergman RepJackBergman
Tom Emmer MN 6 202-225-2331 RepTomEmmer reptomemmer
Jim Hagedorn MN 1 202-225-2472 RepHagedorn
Pete Stauber MN 8 202-225-6211 RepPeteStauber
Sam Graves MO 6 202-225-7041 RepSamGraves 1.19E+02
Vicky Hartzler MO 4 202-225-2876 RepHartzler Congresswoman.Hartzler
Billy Long MO 7 202-225-6536 USRepLong Rep.Billy.Long
Blaine Luetkemeyer MO 3 202-225-2956 RepBlaine BlaineLuetkemeyer
Ann Wagner MO 2 202-225-1621 RepAnnWagner RepAnnWagner
Jason Smith MO 8 202-225-4404 RepJasonSmith repjasonsmith
Steven M. Palazzo MS 4 202-225-5772 CongPalazzo stevenpalazzo
Trent Kelly MS 1 202-225-4306 reptrentkelly reptrentkelly
Michael Guest MS 3 202-225-5031 RepMichaelGuest
Greg Gianforte MT 0 202-225-3211 0 RepGianforte
Virginia Foxx NC 5 202-225-2071 VirginiaFoxx RepVirginiaFoxx
Richard Hudson NC 8 202-225-3715 RepRichHudson RepRichHudson
David Rouzer NC 7 202-225-2731 RepDavidRouzer RepRouzer
Mark Walker NC 6 202-225-3065 RepMarkWalker RepMarkWalker
Ted Budd NC 13 202-225-4531 RepTedBudd RepTedBudd
Dan Bishop NC 9 202-225-1976 RepDanBishop repdanbishop
Gregory F. Murphy NC 3 202-225-3415 RepGregMurphy RepGregMurphy
Jeff Fortenberry NE 1 202-225-4806 JeffFortenberry jefffortenberry
Adrian Smith NE 3 202-225-6435 RepAdrianSmith
Jefferson Van Drew NJ 2 202-225-6572 CongressmanJVD
Elise M. Stefanik NY 21 202-225-4611 RepStefanik RepEliseStefanik
Bob Gibbs OH 7 202-225-6265 RepBobGibbs RepBobGibbs
Bill Johnson OH 6 202-225-5705 RepBillJohnson RepBillJohnson
Jim Jordan OH 4 202-225-2676 Jim_Jordan repjimjordan
Robert E. Latta OH 5 202-225-6405 BobLatta boblatta
Brad R. Wenstrup OH 2 202-225-3164 RepBradWenstrup RepBradWenstrup
Markwayne Mullin OK 2 202-225-2701 RepMullin RepMullin
Kevin Hern OK 1 202-225-2211 repkevinhern
Mike Kelly PA 16 202-225-5406 MikeKellyPA 1.91E+02
Scott Perry PA 10 202-225-5836 RepScottPerry repscottperry
Daniel Meuser PA 9 202-225-6511 RepMeuser
John Joyce PA 13 202-225-2431 RepJohnJoyce
Guy Reschenthaler PA 14 202-225-2065 GReschenthaler
Fred Keller PA 12 202-225-3731 RepFredKeller CongressmanFredKeller
Jeff Duncan SC 3 202-225-5301 RepJeffDuncan RepJeffDuncan
Joe Wilson SC 2 202-225-2452 RepJoeWilson JoeWilson
Tom Rice SC 7 202-225-9895 RepTomRice reptomrice
Ralph Norman SC 5 202-225-5501 RepRalphNorman RepRalphNorman
William R. Timmons IV SC 4 202-225-6030 RepTimmons
Scott DesJarlais TN 4 202-225-6831 DesJarlaisTN04 ScottDesJarlaisTN4
Charles J. "Chuck" Fleischmann TN 3 202-225-3271 RepChuck repchuck
David Kustoff TN 8 202-225-4714 repdavidkustoff RepDavidKustoff
Tim Burchett TN 2 202-225-5435 RepTimBurchett
John W. Rose TN 6 202-225-4231 RepJohnRose
Mark E. Green TN 7 202-225-2811 RepMarkGreen
Kevin Brady TX 8 202-225-4901 RepKevinBrady kevinbrady
Michael C. Burgess TX 26 202-225-7772 MichaelCBurgess michaelcburgess
K. Michael Conaway TX 11 202-225-3605 ConawayTX11 mike.conaway
Bill Flores TX 17 202-225-6105 RepBillFlores RepBillFlores
Louie Gohmert TX 1 202-225-3035 RepLouieGohmert 5375693
Kenny Marchant TX 24 202-225-6605 RepKenMarchant RepKennyMarchant
Randy K. Weber, Sr. TX 14 202-225-2831 TXRandy14 TXRandy14
Roger Williams TX 25 202-225-9896 RepRWilliams RepRogerWilliams
Brian Babin TX 36 202-225-1555 RepBrianBabin RepBrianBabin
Jodey C. Arrington TX 19 202-225-4005 RepArrington JodeyArrington
Michael Cloud TX 27 202-225-7742 RepCloudTX
Dan Crenshaw TX 2 202-225-6565 RepDanCrenshaw
Lance Gooden TX 5 202-225-3484 RepLanceGooden
Ron Wright TX 6 202-225-2002 RepRonWright
H. Morgan Griffith VA 9 202-225-3861 RepMGriffith RepMorganGriffith
Robert J. Wittman VA 1 202-225-4261 RobWittman RepRobWittman
Ben Cline VA 6 202-225-5431 RepBenCline
Cathy McMorris Rodgers WA 5 202-225-2006 CathyMcMorris mcmorrisrodgers
Dan Newhouse WA 4 202-225-5816 RepNewhouse RepNewhouse
Alexander X. Mooney WV 2 202-225-2711 RepAlexMooney CongressmanAlexMooney
Carol D. Miller WV 3 202-225-3452 RepCarolMiller
Sample Letter for Representatives Supported on TX Lawsuit
Dear Representative,

Thank you for standing tall and fighting hard in the battle for the fate of our nation.

The fraudulent 2020 election has turned the US into a joke of the world, or worse yet, the Biden/Harris administration would turn us into a prey of the ravenous Chinese Communist government. This very thought angers all freedom-loving Americans whom you represent.

We the people demand integrity of the election, which doesn't just mean that future election will be safe from fraud, but also, perhaps more so, that the thieves should not be installed into office. After all, if there is no consequence of cheating, what would keep them from cheating in an even more creative way again?



We know that the fake media and loud media mobs will do everything to smear and attack you. But be of good cheer, for the Lord is with you, and so are the majority of people.

“The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man ".


Phone Number:XXXXXXX
Federal House Representatives DID NOTHING (Sample Letter)
Name State District Phone Email Contact Form Website Twitter Facebook
Martha Roby AL 2 202-225-2901 RepMarthaRoby Representative.Martha.Roby
Steve Womack AR 3 202-225-4301 Rep_SteveWomack RepSteveWomack
J. French Hill AR 2 202-225-2506 RepFrenchHill RepFrenchHill
Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen AS 0 202-225-8577 RepAmata aumuaamata
Paul A. Gosar AZ 4 202-225-2315 RepGosar repgosar
David Schweikert AZ 6 202-225-2190 RepDavid repdavidschweikert
Devin Nunes CA 22 202-225-2523 RepDevinNunes
Paul Cook CA 8 202-225-5861 RepPaulCook RepPaulCook
Mike Garcia CA 25 202-225-1956 repmikegarcia RepMikeGarcia
Scott R. Tipton CO 3 202-225-4761 RepTipton CongressmanScottTipton
Vern Buchanan FL 16 202-225-5015 VernBuchanan CongressmanBuchanan
Brian J. Mast FL 18 202-225-3026 repbrianmast repbrianmast
Rob Woodall GA 7 202-225-4272 RepRobWoodall RepRobWoodall
Rodney Davis IL 13 202-225-2371 RodneyDavis RepRodneyDavis
Larry Bucshon IN 8 202-225-4636 RepLarryBucshon RepLarryBucshon
Susan W. Brooks IN 5 202-225-2276 SusanWBrooks congresswomansusanwbrooks
Steve Watkins KS 2 202-225-6601 Rep_Watkins
Brett Guthrie KY 2 202-225-3501 RepGuthrie CongressmanGuthrie
Harold Rogers KY 5 202-225-4601 RepHalRogers CongressmanHalRogers
Thomas Massie KY 4 202-225-3465 RepThomasMassie RepThomasMassie
Andy Barr KY 6 202-225-4706 RepAndyBarr RepAndyBarr
James Comer KY 1 202-225-3115 RepJamesComer congressmancomer
Garret Graves LA 6 202-225-3901 RepGarretGraves CongressmanGarretGraves
Patrick T. McHenry NC 10 202-225-2576 PatrickMcHenry CongressmanMcHenry
George Holding NC 2 202-225-3032 RepHolding CongressmanGeorgeHolding
Kelly Armstrong ND 0 202-225-2611 RepArmstrongND
Christopher H. Smith NJ 4 202-225-3765 RepChrisSmith RepChrisSmith
Mark E. Amodei NV 2 202-225-6155 MarkAmodeiNV2 MarkAmodeiNV2
Peter T. King NY 2 202-225-7896 RepPeteKing
Lee M. Zeldin NY 1 202-225-3826 RepLeeZeldin RepLeeZeldin
John Katko NY 24 202-225-3701 RepJohnKatko RepJohnKatko
Chris Jacobs NY 27 202-225-5265 0
Steve Chabot OH 1 202-225-2216 RepSteveChabot RepSteveChabot
Michael R. Turner OH 10 202-225-6465 RepMikeTurner RepMikeTurner
David P. Joyce OH 14 202-225-5731 RepDaveJoyce RepDaveJoyce
Warren Davidson OH 8 202-225-6205 WarrenDavidson CongressmanWarrenDavidson
Troy Balderson OH 12 202-225-5355 RepBalderson
Tom Cole OK 4 202-225-6165 TomColeOK04 TomColeOK4
Frank D. Lucas OK 3 202-225-5565 RepFrankLucas RepFrankLucas
Glenn Thompson PA 15 202-225-5121 CongressmanGT CongressmanGT
Lloyd Smucker PA 11 202-225-2411 RepSmucker RepSmucker
Jenniffer Gonz??lez-Col??n PR 0 202-225-2615 repjenniffer RepJennifferGonzalezColon
Dusty Johnson SD 0 202-225-2801 RepDustyJohnson
David P. Roe TN 1 202-225-6356 DrPhilRoe DrPhilRoe
John R. Carter TX 31 202-225-3864 JudgeCarter judgecarter
Kay Granger TX 12 202-225-5071 RepKayGranger RepKayGranger
Michael T. McCaul TX 10 202-225-2401 RepMcCaul michaeltmccaul
Pete Olson TX 22 202-225-5951 RepPeteOlson Rep.PeteOlson
Mac Thornberry TX 13 202-225-3706 MacTXPress repmacthornberry
Van Taylor TX 3 202-225-4201 RepVanTaylor
Chip Roy TX 21 202-225-4236 RepChipRoy
Rob Bishop UT 1 202-225-0453 RepRobBishop RepRobBishop
Chris Stewart UT 2 202-225-9730 RepChrisStewart RepChrisStewart
Jaime Herrera Beutler WA 3 202-225-3536 HerreraBeutler herrerabeutler
F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. WI 5 202-225-5101 JimPressOffice RepSensenbrenner
Glenn Grothman WI 6 202-225-2476 RepGrothman RepGrothman
Mike Gallagher WI 8 202-225-5665 RepGallagher RepMikeGallagher
Bryan Steil WI 1 202-225-3031 RepBryanSteil
Thomas P. Tiffany WI 7 202-225-3365
David B. McKinley WV 1 202-225-4172 RepMcKinley RepMcKinley
Liz Cheney WY 0 202-225-2311 RepLizCheney replizcheney
Sample Letter for Representatives Did Nothing on TX Lawsuit

Dear Representative,



We the people demand integrity in this election. President Trump won in a landslide and it was stolen by thieves in the night. Now it is up to you and your colleagues to defend the Republic and our Constitution.

I am writing to ask you to join Representative Mo Brooks in his effort to challenge the Electors. Our nation is in crisis, we need brave patriots to stand for the Constitution, not bunch of cowards and no shows.

Will you be that patriot and stand with the people and save our Nation or will you join those that have committed treason. There will be justice, make sure you are on the right side of it.

We are counting on your patriotism!!!


Phone Number:XXXXXXX
Federal House Representatives Congratulated Biden (Sample Letter)
Name State District Phone Email Contact Form Website Twitter Facebook
Don Young AK 0 202-225-5765 RepDonYoung RepDonYoung
Francis Rooney FL 19 202-225-2536 RepRooney RepRooney
Adam Kinzinger IL 16 202-225-3635 RepKinzinger RepKinzinger
John Shimkus IL 15 202-225-5271 RepShimkus repshimkus
Fred Upton MI 6 202-225-3761 RepFredUpton RepFredUpton
Paul Mitchell MI 10 202-225-2106 RepPaulMitchell reppaulmitchell
Don Bacon NE 2 202-225-4155 repdonbacon RepDonBacon
Tom Reed NY 23 202-225-3161 RepTomReed RepTomReed
Steve Stivers OH 15 202-225-2015 RepSteveStivers 116000000000000
Anthony Gonzalez OH 16 202-225-3876 RepAGonzalez
Greg Walden OR 2 202-225-6730 RepGregWalden repgregwalden
Brian K. Fitzpatrick PA 1 202-225-4276 repbrianfitz repbrianfitzpatrick
Will Hurd TX 23 202-225-4511 hurdonthehill HurdOnTheHill
John R. Curtis UT 3 202-225-7751 RepJohnCurtis RepJohnCurtis
Denver Riggleman VA 5 202-225-4711 RepRiggleman
Sample Letter for Representatives Congratulated Biden
Dear Representative,



I am sure when you went to Washington it was with the best intentions. Somehow once politicians get into the swamp they loose sight of their purpose which is to serve their constituents and defend the constitution. I am asking you now to do your job. President Trump had his win stolen by thieves in the night and no one in Washington is doing anything to stop this injustice.

The democrats stole it and will do anything to get power and Republicans just want to sweep this under the rug and move on to business as usual. The people who elected you will not just forget this and move on we expect our elected officials to right this wrong.

The American people have awoken and we are prepared to right this ship with or without you, we certainly hope it is with you.


Phone Number:XXXXXXX